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Watershed Stories + Nanih Bvlbancha

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This gathering continues New Orleans Center for the Gulf South’s multi-year AnthropoSonic series, which features artists who collaborate with non-human entities to engage and bridge the public and Tulane communities and explore the research question: How can we hear the planetary? Bvlbancha Liberation Radio is an Indigenous-led multimedia channel on Native identity in the Gulf South.


Led by Lady J and Koni Achafa, Bvlbancha Liberation Radio hosts a weekly radio show on Tuesday afternoons from 4:00pm-8:00pm at Their show supports community activities that educate people on Gulf South Indigenous contemporary realities, environmental activism, and the impacts of climate change on south Louisiana, current events important to Indian country and culture. They have incorporated education around historical earthwork architecture, southeastern Indigenous language-learning, mutual aid, community-led communications technology, and stickball learning as part of their community work that extends beyond playing Indigenous music and conversations with Indigenous scholars and artists on their weekly show.


This event is possible through the support of Bvlbancha Liberation Radio, Mondo Bizarro, the builders of Nanih Bvlbancha, New Orleans Center for the Gulf South, the Dorothy Beckemeyer Skau Art and Music Fund, the Gulf South Open School (an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation project), Lambent Foundation, FootPrint Project, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, and Prospect New Orleans’ Artists of Public Memory Commission. Special thank you to Bayou Rosa, Friends of Lafitte Greenway, NORD, 
and the City of New Orleans.





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